About us

We've launched our new website

We are busy developing new ranges and plan to be adding to our lines regularly. We hope you approve and we welcome any suggestions you may have – please contact us at sales@100bamboo.com – we would be delighted to hear from you!

Our mission is to bring you a stylish and timeless collection of linens and baby products. We believe that a little luxury shouldn’t cost a fortune and that the materials we choose to put closest to us and our babies should be kind and gentle to our skin.

We choose bamboo because...

We like the fact that bamboo is one of the most sustainable crops in the world and is grown pesticide and chemical free.

We love the lengthy list of naturally occurring properties in bamboo (for more information visit our Why Bamboo page) which lends itself perfectly to linens and baby products.

We adore the luxuriously soft texture and smooth lustre of our bamboo products which feel like a silk and cashmere blend. Feeling is believing so we encourage you to wrap yourself in our fluffy towels and silky sheets and throws to see for yourself!

We value our customers

Lastly we believe totally in customer service. We will do our utmost to make your shopping experience with us as seamless as possible.

Thank you for visiting us here at 100 Bamboo

The 100Bamboo Team